Our History

Living Water is a part of a movement known as the International church of the Foursquare Gospel.  The Foursquare Church is a seventy-five year old denomination with nearly 5 million adherents, worshipping in 38,217 churches and meeting places, located in some 138 countries.  The name “Foursquare” is used to describe the four major facets of Jesus’ ministry: He is Savior, who rescues us from sin; He is Baptizer, who fills His people with the Holy Spirit; He is Healer, who makes people whole in body, mind and spirit; He is King, who deserves our worship and will some day come again for His people.

Our Beliefs and Mission

Living Water has been a place of healing and restoration for its attendees, and we believe the Spirit of God wants us to share these gifts and the love of God with the community by serving them in their needs.  We are people who love God, love the Church, and love the lost.  We believe the Bible-based, life relevant promises of God and acknowledge God’s presence in our lives.

Our Core Values

  1. We believe in Jesus Christ the Savior, Baptizer, Healer and Returning King
  2. We believe that the Church is His primary instrument to win the lost and equip the saved
  3. We are committed to Effective Outreach and Intentional Discipleship (Lost & Found)
  4. We are committed to presenting every believer in Christ as a minister of the Gospel

About our pastors

Michael & Candis Angel

cache_3035393204After being introduced to Jesus to 1986, my wife, Candis, and I became very involved in our church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, we both served on staff for several years in many different capacities, until we were asked to help begin another Church in a different part of the city. The transition from a large, well established church to helping start a church was a wonderful experience. We were blessed to be involved in every aspect of it. After spending 19 years in Albuquerque, now with 3 young boys, we sold our home and moved to the Tri-Cities.