Welcome to Along the Way Church

We are determined to live "with people" not merely be "for people" (Matthew 1:23). Understanding that life can get messy, our heart is to live within that mess, not adding to it but to allow God to bring order, reason and meaning to what would normally look worthless, hopeless and chaotic (Gen 1:2). We believe God is and will continue to use us to disciple people of all ages by accepting people where they are and walking with them, teaching them to observe and apply Gods Word to faithfully become disciples, living all God wants for their life.

In turn going out and being a blessing in their homes, communities, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, wherever their life takes them, making disciples by using what they have with all their heart, soul, strength and mind. We believe that Each one can Reach one and Teach one. It is important to us to put something in motion (learning how to pass the baton successfully) not merely accomplish a goal. We believe that every Christian is called to live Gods best for their life. Our success would be to live out Matthew 28:18-20.

Nothing to win but the world, Nothing to build but people

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